The Amazing Singapore Biennial Airshow

admin 12th February 2018
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Those who are passionate about planes and anything that’s related to them must definitely not miss the amazing airshow that takes place in Singapore. This biennial aerospace event has taken place for the first time in 2008. This is a partnership between the Defence Science and Technology Agency and Civil Aviation Authority. The event gathers each time it is held, military chiefs, leading industry players, and also politicians. It is actually the third largest air show in the world. In the first place is Le Bourget and on the second one is Farnborough.

This event is being held on a plot of land located at the Changi Air Base, in the east side of Singapore Changi Airport. In 2006, the Eng Lim Construction Company received not more and not less than $6 million for the construction of the new exhibition site in order to actually replace the Changi International Exhibition Centre, plus a large exhibition hall of 40,000square meters. The entire construction was finished one year later, in September 2007, and it had 2,000 parking lots especially designed for visitors and motorists as well.

The place has been inaugurated in February 2008 and it had four days reserved for trade visitors. The event started with amazing flying displays put up by the Roulettes of the Royal Australian Air Force, the Airbus A380, and the Black Knights of the Singapore Air Force. There were also held some interesting conferences and seminars that all visitors liked very much. Furthermore, the Airline Industry Achievement Awards was also held during that event. All in all, it has been something really beautiful and educative at the same time.

The following years the Singapore Airshow has been extremely loved and appreciated by all the participants and it has become in a quite short period of time extremely popular. Visitors all over the world came and enjoyed to the fullest all the incredible flying displays. As mentioned earlier, nowadays the show is in the third place as the biggest event of this type in the whole world. Every two years Singapore is full of tourists that come especially for this amazing event, which is without a doubt a plus for this country’s tourism and economy. You can also take your children with you as there is no age limit. The small ones will definitely find very interesting and amazing what is going to happen there. If you do not have kids nor a partner, then is very easy to find an Singapore escort. The girls from here are very pleasant and happy to accompany you at any event you want.

Anyone who is interested in this airshow must not forget to book his ticket in advance and also have a look on the official website for further information. We tried to show you in this article as many details as we could about this show, but if you want to read more then we recommend you to check the website and see exactly what are the participants, the sponsors, what other events will take place there as well, and so on. However, this air event is something that will certainly impress you and offer you a unique experience.

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