What You Must Not Miss in Singapore

admin 15th April 2018
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Are you already packing your luggage to go to Singapore? Do you have so many things in mind to do but you have no idea where to start from? If you find yourself in this confusing situation then you will certainly find very helpful this article. We are going to show you what you must not miss in Singapore so that your time spent there can be a quality one. Therefore, here is what you should visit and what you should do in this spectacular metropolis.

Go to Marina Bay

Start your beautiful holiday at Marina Bay. The whole area is amazing especially in the night when you can admire the wonderful thousands of lights. Since you are in that area you must also go and see the Science Museum and the famous Casino. Furthermore, take a whole day off in order to do a shopping session as there are plenty of shops with lots of interesting stuff. If it’s possible, then arrive at this location around 20:00 PM in order to catch the amazing light show which beautifully and magically illuminates the water.

Don’t Miss Clarke Quay

This is a delightful riverside, with spectacular views and atmosphere. It is without a doubt a very romantic place where you can enjoy a pleasant walk with your partner before you have a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants around there. If you want to have a long night, then you can go to a nightclub, as Clarke Quay has plenty.

Universal Studios Singapore Is a Fantastic Attraction

Universal Studios Singapore is a massive amusement park is excellent for anyone who travels with children. It has more than twenty attractions in themed zones including Hollywood, Madagascar, New York, and more. For those who want to experience something different, we recommend one of the five thrilling roller coasters.

Visit Gardens by The Bay

This colorful and futurist park is one of the main Singapore’s attractions. The Supertree structures provide an amazing skywalk over these splendid gardens. This lovely destination is without a doubt excellent for adults and children as well. Take the camera with you as you will have lots of photos to take.

Go Shopping On The Orchard Road

Those who are shopping addicted must not miss the Orchard Road. The place is full of many shops, some of them with affordable items whereas others with high-quality products made by famous designers. Once you have finished shopping, you can stop at one of the many coffee shops in order to enjoy a delicious coffee or cappuccino. If you have been to London on the famous Oxford Street, then you can imagine how it is on the Orchard Road. Everything is similar especially when it comes to the agglomeration. If you are not keen on crowded places then you should erase this location from your to list because you will certainly not feel comfortable. Otherwise, we are sure that you will absolutely love the Orchard Road and what the area has to offer.



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